Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Heavenly Tenants

Recently went camping with my family just outside of town. Bronson worked most of the weekend, but we enjoyed dinner and breakfast together. It was cold sleeping weather. Azriel decided to sleep in the hammock but eventually joined me in the tent under the blankets and pillows. The body heat felt great! Azriel and I walked the beach and dunes to a naked-eye astronomy class one night, playing frisbee and taking pictures along the way. The class was conducted by a husband and wife in their early 60's. Pretty sure they were fans of Jack Hornheimer. The husband was the main speaker, but the wife was correcting him a lot, moving him along, publicly nagging him. Loved it!

Prior to this class I could identify Cassiopeia the Big Dipper and Orion. After this class, we went onto the observation deck and I was able to identify nine additional constellations. It was AWESOME! So, before I forget the information, I have a terrible memory, I wanted to write down the constellations we saw in the August sky. I'd love to stay awake some night and watch the heavenly tenants rotate around Polaris (Ursa Minor).

Western Sky: Ursa Major, Northern Crown (Corona Borealis), Hercules (with his club)

Across the Milky Way Belt (north-ish to south-ish): Perseus (the king), Cassiopeia (the queen), Cepheus (the house the king was asked to leave), Swan (Cygnus), Serpents Head & Tail (Serpens Caput & Cauda) and Serpents Holder (Opiuchus), and the Scorpion.

Keep Looking Up!

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