Tuesday, August 4, 2009


deliberate (di-lib'er-it; for v., di-lib'er'at'), adj. [L. deliberatus, pp. of deliberare, to consider, weigh well <de-, intensifier + librare, to weigh < libra, a scales]

Deliberation takes time---two years to the month. Perhaps, if I forgave him again, said 'I don't buy it' again and again and again, wasn't so anxiety-driven and out of touch with myself, was a better person and wife. Perhaps, he shouldn't have ignored our marital problems and torn apart my beautiful family with his delusions of love for another woman. I will not mention this again!

Deliberation should be compassionate, communicated, and subsequently, consequently, liberating to all. My theory? Deliberately hurting another is impossible. This falls under the category, 'misery loves company'. Walk away and weigh well.

Solace comes from knowing the mind has the ability to imagine happiness and create a handsome life.